Food & Drink The best chocolate Easter eggs for 2024, tried and...

The best chocolate Easter eggs for 2024, tried and tasted


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A shiny number that breaks with a decent snap but delivers a synthetic, syrupy flavour. Sugar-heavy and shoddily moulded, this is a very good price but a very bad egg.

easter egg

Dull as heck in form and flavour; there’s nothing especially wrong with this plain and simple egg but can we remember it moments later? Afraid not.

chocolate easter eggs

The glossy exterior is tempting but what a puny, thin shell, delivering a honeycomb chunk in some bites but fading to nothing in most. It’s an upmarket Crunchie but we’d rather have a Crunchie…

chocolate easter eggs

A fun design and, wow, it’s thick, but the strawberry flavour is potent, delivered in a powdery texture that dissolves rather than melts. Great if you are a strawberry fan but far from it you are all about the chocolate.

chocolate easter eggs

Lovers of Tony’s bars will recognise the asymmetric design but the similarities end there. The shell might be chunky but it’s bland; the solid-chocolate eggs that accompany it (studded with almonds, popping candy and more) are far more successful.

chocolate easter eggs

This dancing flame of pale, soft, subtly coffee-spiked chocolate is smart but the texture is porridgy, flecked with feuilletine butter-biscuit pieces. Neither challenging nor exciting, it’s moreish in a full-of-sugar kind of way.

chocolate easter eggs

Artisanal is the polite way of describing the uneven thickness of the shell and there is little to recommend the dusty chocolate flavour. Thank goodness, then, for the half-dozen exquisite sea salt caramels. We’d happily skip the egg and gorge on these instead.

chocolate easter eggs

With exuberant packaging involving a plume of coloured paper, this is buy-me territory – and the foil-wrapped egg is beautiful. Prepare for mess, though, because its insides are studded with crumbling almond flakes. The muesli effect ruins any attempt at sophistication.

chocolate easter eggs

A chic and glimmering, grown-up egg whose pebble-dashed exterior delivers a welcome crunch, echoed by feuilletine pieces in the shell. There is a touch of salt but also so much sugar. Too sweet.

chocolate easter eggs

A half-egg doubling as a serving platter for super-sweet truffles flavoured variously with dulce de leche, creme brulee and berries, albeit fused on with chocolate so don’t expect a clean extraction. A box of chocolates in egg form for under a tenner? That’s hard to beat.

chocolate easter eggs

Surely the inspiration for Aldi’s egg – two shells (one salted caramel, the other pecan-blended brownie) brimming with dessert-inspired treats, decent representations of carrot cake, cheesecake and millionaire’s shortbread among others.

chocolate easter eggs

A cracked-open “shell” revealing an inner egg that delivers a genuine, if gentle, pistachio flavour and a nubbly texture of chopped nuts. The shell channels Caramac, one of this year’s key chocolate trends. A good-looking, good-tasting combo.

chocolate easter eggs

A well-crafted egg with a beautiful shine and a truly dark-chocolate, high-cocoa flavour (tannic and mouth-drying in all the right ways). It comes packed with 20 flavoured praline eggs which are just as good, softening the blow of what is an eye-watering price tag.

chocolate easter eggs

Boxed in a cabinet of curiosities with 16 eggs in trays flanking this very elegant egg (its gold seams inspired by the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery). Creamy and melty, but with a delicious sharpness, and those miniature eggs are flooded with the intense salted caramel the brand is famous for. 

chocolate easter eggs

An extraordinary baroque creation, all curlicues and dramatic sculpting, and what’s more, it is good thick chocolate with a real snap and a cocoa flavour that lingers. With a squidgy gianduja inner egg and gold-dusted cream-liqueur mini eggs, they’ve chucked the kitchen sink at this. Outstandingly good value.


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