World David Cameron meets Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago

David Cameron meets Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago


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The Foreign Secretary has previously described Mr Trump’s “Muslim ban” travel policy as “divisive, stupid and wrong” and the man himself as “protectionist, xenophobic, misogynistic”.

Mr Trump, the Republican nominee in the 2024 US election, is at loggerheads with Democrats and European governments over support for Ukraine, which has pledged to cut if he wins a second term in November.

He has said he would end the war in Ukraine “in one day”, and has suggested he would be more willing to push Kyiv into negotiations with Moscow.

The UK Government, which also sends arms to Ukraine, has pledged to continue its support and in January announced a £2.5bn package of military aid for the 2024-25 financial year.

Lord Cameron has recently criticised Mr Trump’s approach to the Nato alliance, describing his comments that Russia could do “whatever they hell they want” to members that do not reach its defence spending target as “not a sensible approach”.

He has also fallen foul of Mr Trump’s supporters in Congress, after writing in February that he would “drop all diplomatic niceties” and “urge” legislators to pass a funding bill.

“I believe our joint history shows the folly of giving in to tyrants in Europe who believe in redrawing boundaries by force,” he said.

Majorie Taylor Greene, a firebrand Trump supporter in the House of Representatives, said the Foreign Secretary had compared sceptical Republicans to Nazis, responding: “I think that I really don’t care what David Cameron has to say.

“I think that’s rude name-calling, and I don’t appreciate that type of language. And David Cameron needs to worry about his own country, and frankly, he can kiss my a—.” cebGgXzuCvs

The meeting at Mar-a-Lago on Monday night came as Lord Cameron prepared for meetings with members of the Biden administration and congressmen on Tuesday in Washington DC.

At a press conference at the State Department, he is expected to join Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, in support for Ukraine and in ending the war in Gaza.

The meetings will also include a bilateral summit with Jake Sullivan, Mr Biden’s national security adviser, while talks with congressional Republicans will focus on their opposition to Ukraine aid.

Mr Biden has presented a $95bn (£75bn) Ukraine spending package to Congress but has been unable to pass it amid opposition from Republicans in both the House of Representatives and Senate.

Lord Cameron is set to hold a joint press conference with Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State

Foreign Office sources stressed that Lord Cameron’s meeting with Mr Trump was in line with previous visits from visiting UK dignitaries, including a trip by Gordon Brown to meet Barack Obama in 2008.

Speaking prior to the visit, a government spokesman said: “The Foreign Secretary is on his way to Washington DC, where he will hold discussions with US Secretary of State Blinken, other Biden administration figures and members of Congress.

“His talks will focus on a range of shared US-UK priorities, including securing international support for Ukraine and bringing stability to the Middle East.

“Ahead of his visit to Washington, the Foreign Secretary will meet former President Trump in Florida today. It is standard practice for ministers to meet with opposition candidates as part of their routine international engagement.”


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