Food & Drink The best chocolate yule logs of 2023 and where...

The best chocolate yule logs of 2023 and where to buy them


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Lidl Deluxe Luxury Hand Finished Festive Yule Log

£3.99 for 437g

A little powdery but not as dry as the other ambient (unrefrigerated) logs. There’s a decent level of filling inside the sponge and it’s quite chocolatey, just not terribly memorable.

Co-op Irresistible Chocolate Yule Log

£5 for 475g

With a sponge that’s tightly spiralled, the texture here is like felt. There’s a fudgy quality to the ganache, meanwhile, which is overly sweet but doesn’t deliver a great deal of chocolate.

Morrisons The Best Hand Rolled Chocolate Fudge Yule Log

£6 for 470g

A good thick layer of ganache and it’s a pretty log to serve up, but the sponge is too dry and the whole thing extremely sweet. There’s a touch of powderiness in the ganache, too.

Waitrose & Partners Chocolate Yule Log

£12.50 for 825g

This looks generous with a nicely snowy finish, and is one you could easily pass off as your own. There’s fresh cream in the swirl and plenty of chocolate flavour (not over-sweet), but the sponge is rather dense.

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Belgian Chocolate & Clementine Yule Log

£10 for 730g

If you love Terry’s, this is for you; the orange is punchy but not overwhelming or artificial, and there’s a lightness to the sponge despite it being a large-format log. It’s just a bit one-dimensional.

M&S Collection Crackling Chocolate Log

£23 for 1.37kg

I’m taken by the striking design, a pile of logs that’s good fun with a sachet of popping candy to sprinkle over like ‘burning embers’. It’s a grown-up taste, with a good gooey texture inside the sculpted shell.

M&S Passionfruit & White Chocolate Yule Log

£15 for 800g

No apologies for featuring a second M&S log: this is extremely attractive with a glorious flavour. The tangy curd against the cream is smashing. Does it count as a chocolate log? I’d fight its corner to the final crumb.

Aldi Specially Selected Hand Finished Belgian Chocolate Yule Log

£8.99 for 815g

I love the snowy icing sugar and homemade-esque bark texture of this; it looks the most traditional. Very creamy, with a rich milky chocolate flavour. The ratio of fresh cream, sponge and ganache is spot on, too.


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