Technology Is your job at risk from AI? Use our...

Is your job at risk from AI? Use our tool to find out


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Are you at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence?

The rise of advanced AI tools such as ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion, which generates images based on text prompts, has sparked fears that millions of jobs could be replaced by the technology.

One of the first studies into the impact of AI on the jobs market in the UK, carried out by the Department for Education (DfE), has concluded that consultants, accountants and psychologists are most exposed to the rise of AI.

Sports players, roofers and construction workers were among those least likely to be affected by the technology.

The report also found that workers in London and the South East were the most vulnerable, with those in the North East least likely to be affected. People with higher levels of education are more likely to be impacted than those with lower level qualifications.

The research refers to “exposure” to AI systems, meaning jobs may be aided or replaced by AI. However, careers that are aided by AI may also generate fewer jobs if it means technology can accomplish key tasks.

The Telegraph has used the DfE’s statistics to build a tool letting you see how exposed your job is.

Official statistics divide professions in the UK into 365 categories, such as solicitors, librarians and nurses, although some jobs are categorised more widely, such as financial managers.

The DfE’s provided an “AI occupational exposure” score to each job based on AI’s ability to replicate the skills required.

The scores range from around -2 to 1.5, with a higher score indicating a profession is more likely to be affected.

The Telegraph has divided jobs into five bands – ranging from those highly likely to be affected by AI to very unlikely, based on their exposure score.

The DfE said it was generally believed that between 10pc and 30pc of existing jobs will be affected by AI, although new jobs will also be created to take advantage of the technology.

A study from US researchers earlier this year found that AI tools like ChatGPT were already taking freelance work away from copywriters and graphic designers.

The DfE said: “The report illustrates how the education system and employers will need to adapt to ensure the workforce has the skills necessary to benefit from this emerging technology.”


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