Technology Google gives Apple 36pc of ad revenue from Safari...

Google gives Apple 36pc of ad revenue from Safari browser, court hears


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Google gives Apple a 36pc cut of advertising revenue from its searches made in its Safari browser, a court has heard.

The previously unknown figure was supposed to remain confidential but was revealed on Monday during the antitrust trial against Google, where it stands accused of illegally maintaining its monopoly.

The US Department of Justice has accused Google of abusing its dominant position by paying billions to ensure that its search engine remains the default on smartphones and browsers.

Such exclusivity agreements with phone manufacturers and software developers have frozen out potential competitors to its search engine and have tightened its control over the web, prosecutors have argued.

This includes a deal with Apple to remain the iPhone browser’s default search engine, a contract previously believed to be worth up to $15bn (£12bn) a year.

Further details of these payments were revealed by Kevin Murphy, a University of Chicago professor called by Google to testify in its defence at the trial at the federal courthouse in Washington, Bloomberg reported.

According to Prof Murphy, Apple receives 36pc of all advertising revenue generated whenever users make a Google search using Safari.

The figure had been tightly guarded as Google and Apple both objected to publicly sharing the details of their partnership, which dates back to 2002.

Google previously argued that revealing extra information about the revenue sharing deal would  “unreasonably undermine Google’s competitive standing in relation to both competitors and other counterparties”.

Google has maintained that its dominance is because internet users choose to use its search engine, rather than because it pays for placement on popular web browsers.

However, the US government wants to force “meaningful competition” on the tech giant, which accounts for more than nine in 10 web searches in America.

Apple and Google were approached for comment. The trial continues.


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