World Woman arrested after van filled with 10,000 doughnuts goes...

Woman arrested after van filled with 10,000 doughnuts goes missing


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An Australian woman who allegedly stole a van with 10,000 Krispy Kreme doughnuts in it has been charged after two weeks reportedly on the run from police.

The van had been bound for shops but disappeared when a delivery driver stopped to fill up at a petrol station during his night shift.

CCTV showed a woman hanging around the vehicle parked at a 7-Eleven near Sydney in the early hours of Nov 29.

A Krispy Kreme representative said the woman climbed inside the van and took off while the driver was paying.

The alleged theft made global headlines when investigators launched a public appeal.

“Police had not made any arrests, although they are, well, hungry to,” The New York Times noted.

Police on Thursday charged Bianca Ann Dennis, 28, from the suburb of Penrith, who had initially been sought for allegedly failing to have a ticket on a railway station platform.

“She was charged with take and drive conveyance without consent of owner, drive motor vehicle during disqualification period and travel or attempt travel without valid ticket,” New South Wales Police said.

It was unclear whether a potential thief could have known an “unmarked” white van was full of thousands of Krispy Kreme products.

With doughnuts from the chain selling for about A$4 (£2), the load was worth some $40,000.

Police confirmed the van was found in a park in nearby Parramatta.

In a statement, they added that “the doughnuts were destroyed” without offering further details.


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