Politics Nigel Farage says Tories’ turmoil over Rwanda Bill is...

Nigel Farage says Tories’ turmoil over Rwanda Bill is new ‘Brexit’ for party


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Nigel Farage has labelled Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda Bill “pathetic” as he warned the Tories would only solve the immigration crisis by quitting the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Speaking before Tuesday’s crunch vote on the Bill in the Commons, Mr Farage, the figurehead of the Reform Party, said the Tories’ turmoil over the immigration crisis was the new “Brexit line” within the Conservatives.

“I’ve no idea whether Sunak gets through this vote tomorrow or whether the Tory rebels vote down this new pathetic Rwanda plan. What I do know is that we’ll never deal with any of this all the while we stay part of the ECHR,” he said.

“And that’s becoming pretty obvious. This is the next effectively Brexit line that’s been drawn within the Conservative Party,” he told GB News on Monday night.

“Will the backbenchers have the guts to vote it down? Well normally they march up to the top of the hill and they march back down again. Most of them are a pretty spineless bunch. I hope that I’m proved wrong.

“What is for certain is that Sunak is on course to lead the Conservative Party to their worst election result in modern times and frankly, I think they deserve pretty much everything that’s coming to them.”

Head off a backbench rebellion

Mr Farage made the comments as the Prime Minister sought to head off a backbench rebellion by the Right of his party who are seeking to toughen up the Bill. The rebels have claimed more than 40 MPs who are ready to vote against or abstain in the second reading vote on Tuesday evening.

It followed an analysis by the Right-wing MPs’ “star chamber” which concluded the Bill was a “partial and incomplete solution” to the problem of legal challenges being used by illegal migrants to delay or defeat their deportation to Rwanda.

The legislation declares Rwanda is a safe country for asylum seekers which is underpinned by a new Treaty whereby the African state has given legally binding assurances to safeguard deported migrants after the Supreme Court ruled it unsafe. It also aims to limit the scope for legal actions that could prevent deportations.

The panel of four lawyers said the Bill would require “very significant amendments” to comprehensively resolve the flaws they had identified.

On Tuesday morning, David Jones, a former Cabinet minister, repeated the demand that the Government withdraw the Bill and return with an amended version that answered the rebels’ concerns.

They are demanding tougher restrictions on the rights of individual migrants to challenge their deportations and a legal guarantee that ministers will ignore any attempt by the European Court of Human Rights to injunct flights to Rwanda.

Mr Sunak met key MPs from the New Conservatives group in an attempt to assuage their concerns. If he loses the vote on Tuesday evening, it would be the first time in nearly 40 years that a Government would have lost a second reading vote. It requires 29 Tory MPs to vote against or 57 to abstain.

Mr Farage said: “The next general election and British politics for some years to come will be utterly and completely dominated by the immigration issue.”


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