Politics British fishermen can catch 120,000 more tonnes of fish...

British fishermen can catch 120,000 more tonnes of fish next year in post-Brexit deal


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Under the agreement with Brussels, boats from the UK will be handed 130,000 tonnes worth of catches worth up to £340 million.

Meanwhile, the deal with Oslo will see British trawlermen secure access to 290,000 tonnes of North Sea stocks with a value of around £360 million.

The UK struck a separate agreement with Iceland and Greenland earlier this year over 330,000 tonnes of Atlantic stocks priced at £270 million.

Scottish skippers will especially benefit from the pact, with the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation describing it as “a good deal for our fishermen”.

Major flashpoint in Brexit negotiations

Britain had to abide by the Common Fisheries Policy while a member of the EU, meaning that Brussels set the quotas for UK waters on Westminster’s behalf.

Fishing opportunities became a major flashpoint in the Brexit negotiations after Boris Johnson made taking back control of UK waters a red line.

Under the trade deal that was eventually agreed, vessels from the EU continue to have guaranteed access to UK waters until 2026 with their quotas being slowly wound down.

After that point Britain will continue to negotiate with the bloc on an annual basis, but will have the power to block entry to European boats if an agreement can’t be reached.


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